advantages and disadvantages of living in the countryside essay

Living in the countryside has a lot of advantages, but also many disadvantages. As the advantage we can consider the fact that the country is less...
A lot of people decide to move to the countryside nowadays. However, there are still many people who prefer stay in the town and say that they couldn't live anywhere else. So which place is better to live? Let's think about both of them. I would like to start with the advantages and disadvantages of the big city life. Living in
All things considering, it is obvious that both country and city life have their advantages and disadvantages. Some people find metropolises more exciting and appealing than small towns but others prefer beauty and tranquillity of the countryside. The choice whether to live depends on every person's character and
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The countryside is not only a beautiful place to live but, depending on where you are located, the cost of living may be less expensive than in towns or cities. However, you may find that you are spending more money on other supplies, such as fuel if you work in town. As with anywhere, living in the country has its drawbacks.
Living in the country has both pros and cons One advantage is that there are not many cars There s no traffic no noise air is no polluted What is more if.
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Nowadays, a lot of people prefer to live in cities than to live in countryside because they think large cities can provide a great deal of advantages and opportunities for a better life. In my opinion, living in a peaceful countryside is better because of several reasons as below: Firstly, living in the countryside helps you to be
The advantages and disadvantages of living in the country Living in the countryside has a lot of advantages, but also many disadvantages. As the advantage we ... How do you write an advantages/ disadvantages essay? Introduction- ... (6 lines) Conclusion – do not repeat what you have written in the essay. State your own

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